Simple pick 3 strategy

Nick was a burly presence, born and raised on the streets of Brooklyn. There was a lot more to old Nick than just cash and flash, in fact, he was widely known as the King of the Pick-3 game. One night, while betting on the horses at the local harness track, Nick decided to take me under his wing, so to speak, and proceeded to reveal his winning system to me.

That was over 30 years ago, and to this day, I still use his formula on a regular basis. How good is the system? I amazes me that many players have never cashed in a straight Pick-3 ticket, but it really is their own fault. The problem is that most people play the same number everyday.

They may pick their number out of a hat, or play their birthday, or area code or street address or use a thousand other ways to come up with a Pick-3 number. I have seen people play the same number for many years and never experience a win. The problem here comes down to simple math. There are 1, possible straight numbers in the Pick-3 game. And that, my friends, is why you should never chase a single number.

Let me give you a real life example of why chasing a single number is all too often a very bad bet.

simple pick 3 strategy

The next time it was drawn was on April 13 th If you were to play all 1, of the possible numbers in the game on any given day, then you certainly would be guaranteed to win the game. Again, this is a losing proposition, even though this is how the majority of people play. Now let me show you a better way approach the game.

Are you ready to learn how this winning formula can be applied to your game? If your State offers a different payout, or if your State pays prizes on a pari-mutuel basis, then you will have to adjust the formula accordingly. This may not be a huge win, however, it is still a positive return. The bottom line is that any hit during the day insured period will yield a positive result. It is important to understand that the success of any system is totally dependent on the quality of the numbers that you play.

Your 10 selected numbers should always be based on an analysis of the past results of your game, and you can change your ten numbers anytime you like during the wagering cycle based on a the current patterns and trends in your particular game.

Pick 3 Lotto Strategy Guide

You may also elect to play the same 10 numbers for the entire day wagering cycle. If you do this, you will essentially be placing 1, wagers over the course of days in a game that offers odds of 1, to 1. This is excellent coverage, and it represents a far better approach than chasing a single number for 1, days.Online Resources.

simple pick 3 strategy

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Running Good Or Bad. The Grand National. The secret to winning in the pick 3 lottery game is to study the previous winners of the past. You also have to know the facts about the pick 3 game.

One of the most important facts you must know for the pick 3 lotto is that certain style of numbers appear more often than other styles. And let me explain. Related Articles Author Most Popular. Bj Min has sinced written about articles on various topics from InterestRecreation and Sports and Entertainment Guide. Discover how to win in the Pick 3 lottery game.

Bj Min's top article generates over views. Bookmark Bj Min to your Favourites. How do I know this? Because I own a convenience store and I have sold tens of thousands of dollars in lottery tickets on a monthly basis month after month.Pick 3 Mastery: Secrets Revealed! Welcome to Pick 3 Mastery. My approach to the Pick 3 game is new and different so rest assured that many of the systems you will learn here will be new to you.

Or it can be a system that you are already familiar with — with a slight twist to it. I have also brought into the Pick 3 arena concepts that have not been explored before in connection with this fascinating game of chance. My unique approach to Pick 3 will make you a winner. My systems are direct and straight forward. I give clear explanations of how to use each of them. If you are ever in doubt about something, send me an email and I will be glad to clear things up for you.

simple pick 3 strategy

I don't hide behind an email address and I am not here to make a quick buck. I have been studying Pick 3 for years and just like everybody else I have had my good days and bad days.

I went through periods where I won a great deal of money and periods where I just could not win no matter what I tried. Here is the practical definition: Pick 3 mastery is the practice of constantly improving your systems. It probably sounds a little too philosophical or New Age for some people. Hitting constantly is the byproduct of something else. There is something else you have to do before you win.

That something else is always improving your systems. That is something that you can actually control. You can not control which numbers will hit but you CAN control what you do. You can control your own behavior. Constantly working on improving your systems is the essence of Pick 3 mastery.Prev NEXT.

How to Find Your Lucky Numbers. You can use the formula from the previous page -- adding and reducing the numbers in your birth date -- to pick some additional lucky numbers for yourself. In fact, you can use it to obtain a single digit from any double- or triple-digit number or even from a long series of numbers. The formula is simply to add each digit in a numerical series.

Then add the digits of the sum until you've reduced it to a single digit. For example, you can calculate the numerical value of a telephone number. Let's say the number is The phone number has a value of 6. Now let's try a social security number: The social security number has a value of 7. Remember, the result is always the same no matter how you add it. This process works in reverse, also. Suppose your primary number is 3, and you want to choose three lucky Pick 3 numbers.

Simply choose any combination of three digits that, when added and reduced, will equal your primary number of 3.

Pick 3 Lotto Strategy Guide

Or how about for your Pick 3 numbers? You can use this process for choosing your Pick 4 numbers as well. Happy Birthday If, as numerologists believe, numbers are important in our lives, then what more significant number could you have than the day you came into existence -- your birthday?

As for trying to win a Lotto jackpot with your primary number, you can play the number itself in combination with other numbers. A person born on August 15 might play her primary number, 6, with five other numbers. You could even use several or possibly all numbers with a value of 6 when playing Lotto. As was illustrated previously, you may use any compound number that, when added and reduced, equals your primary number.

One thing to keep in mind when using this technique is to try to avoid popular numbers or popular series of numbers. Another common way of using your birthday numbers is to simply list the day, month, and year. The person born on August 15,would play 8 August15 dayand 70 year. Seventy, of course, is too high to use in most games, so you could reduce the double-digit number and play 7. Other Nifty Numbers Although your birth date numbers are of greatest importance -- numerologically speaking -- other personal numbers can also be lucky.

You can use any significant anniversary in your life, such as a wedding. Family members' birthdays are also significant to you, since your life is most certainly intertwined with theirs. Other personal numbers might be your age, social security number, address, phone number, and bank account number. Use your imagination to come up with even more significant numbers.These basics will help you go over the types of patterns, groupings, payouts, and odds of 3 digit lottery games.

This is a easy workout to do and track. It typically produces about a weeks for worth of lottery numbers to choose from. Typically, you would use past winning numbers and hot numbers in the pyramid. It utilizes the numbers to help you generate numbers to play.

Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3 Lottery Strategies. Lottery strategies that are used to help you find and identify patterns in your Pick 3, Cash 3, Play 3 games. Implement these lotto methods and use them to improve your lottery game.

Pick better numbers and win more money! Alphabet Pyramid Free This is a simple lottery strategy to use for multiple states and games.

Lottery Strategies

Tic-Tac-Toe Method This is a lottery strategy where you put your numbers into columns and rows that resemble a tic tac toe grid. Typically, you would use past winning numbers and hot numbers with this strategy. Last Two of The Month Last two of the month is a simple lottery strategy that utilizes that last two winning numbers of the month.

Pyramid Strategy The Pyramid strategy is where you stack numbers on top of each other in the form of a pyramid. Back to Course List. Not a Member? Create Account.We are going over the basic fundamentals of games such as Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3. These basic foundations will help you become a better strategy player by helping you understand the core basics that you can apply to any lottery strategy. At its most basic level games like Pick 3 are made up 3 balls or digits that come from numbers in most cases.

An example would be: Typically, there are roughly possible lottery combinations. There are multiple ways within the total combinations to group numbers to help you identify patterns. Here are some of the ways to group potential numbers:. Three unique digits in each column, as in the example It is called the 6-way because it can appear as, First you can play a BOX way in which one bet covers all possible combinations that the 6-way number generates.

So, if you chose straight when buying your ticket, you would only win if hits straight in most states. When two of the three digits are the same, but the third digit is different, this is a called a 3-Way or a Double Number.

simple pick 3 strategy

For example, usingit could appear as, These types of numbers can be played as a Box where one bet covers all possible number combinations as aboveand Straight Where one bet covers an exact match. Box One bet covers all of the 3 possible ways the number can come up. Straight One bet covers an exact match for the one of the 3 possible combinations. The 3-way or double numbers typically hits about in every 10 draws.

The last grouping option is probably the easiest to follow. This is when all three of the digits are the same, for example, When playing this number, it only makes sense in most casesto play it straight because you would have the highest payout.

There are multiple ways to categorize or group Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3 numbers including but not limited to the following below:.

The base sum is the last digit in a set of numbers. If there is only one digit in the sum then that digit equals the base sum. The Root Sum is a little bit different, it is typically only a single digit number.

Determined by adding the month and day together and dropping the first number. We break it down a little more below:. Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3 Lottery Math — Basically, the rule for using lottery math, when adding or subtracting numbers never to carry or borrow numbers like you typically would.

Check out the examples below:. Still confused? Check out the easy to follow lottery math tables below:. Pick 3 Lottery Strategy Basics. This is a more indepth look at Pick 3, Cash 3, and Play 3 lottery strategy basics. We go into lotto odds, number grouping, lottery pattern breakdowns and more. The lotto basics are crucial to understanding later strategies. You can play 6-way numbers two ways: First you can play a BOX way in which one bet covers all possible combinations that the 6-way number generates.

Box One bet covers all of the 3 possible ways the number can come up Straight One bet covers an exact match for the one of the 3 possible combinations.These Pick 3 lottery systems are free for you to use.

So use them as a starting point in your Pick 3 lottery research. He clears his debts. Buys a fabulous home in Florida. The guy figures out how a few people around the world KEEP winning lottery jackpots… wins a pile for himself and then decides to start telling other people how to do it. Tap to Watch The Video Now! Richard I am literally almost in tears writing this.

Not because I am sad, but because of the amount of joy you have brought to me and my family thanks to your easy to use formula. Last year me and the wife really hit a low point in life. I lost my job and we were struggling to pay our mortgage. Since learning your formula I have won a total of 1. The winning tickets keep coming in month after month! We can now live a comfortable life. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

Secret Lottery Strategy To Win Pick 3 - February 2019

This is crazy! I never thought there would truly be a way to win the lottery consistently, but I was definitely proven wrong by your insanely accurate formula. You have given me the financial freedom I needed to peruse the hobby of my dreams. By the way, I am attaching a picture of me holding a check from my most recent win so you can see proof of my success! Hello Richard! I just wanted to say how wonderful of a man you are for putting this formula into my hands.

My 2 pet birds also want to thank you. Kiwi is my pet parrot seen on the left. I now am using this money to rescue, foster, and adoption of surrendered or found parrots. Call Us Today! SEVEN jackpots. You can get on Wikipedia right now and see for yourself.

Not all jackpots, mind. But month after month he kept on picking up prizes. Scratch cards. Big draws.

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