Marantz 2250 vs 2270

Post a Comment. Thursday, April 12, Marantz vs tone defeat. One of my key issues with the Marantz receiver that I purchased in was the lack of tone defeat. Actually, I didn't notice this problem until or so, when I did some testing and found that the preamp section in this receiver did not have exactly flat frequency response. The response goes to the extremes, but showed a bit of variation in-between related to the tone controls not being nulled exactly.

When you put the tone controls at the top position, not only are they not switched out, they are not necessarily providing flattest response. That might require a position just a few degrees left or right from pointing straight up.

Well, that did not leave me with a good feeling. I had previously discovered that the detents on the tone controls are just that These controls are normal potentiometers, not stepped switches. That had already made me feel ripped off. Other extremely expensive preamps may have used stepped switches.

marantz 2250 vs 2270

I wonder about the Marantz 7's. It looks from this picture that the 7T does use stepped controls for tone controls, and I think that is true of Model 7 tube as well. Dynaco had a special trick, where when you put the tone controls straight up, they contact a special pad in the control which provides flat response. Now I see that the model that was replacing the just at the time I bought mine, thedoes in fact have tone defeat. Back in the day, I had figured that tone defeat would only reduce tiny amounts of noise or distortion by removing an extra stage, because I figured my tone controls set straight up were already providing flat response.

Lack of flat response may indeed mean that comparing two 's you might hear slight differences. And you might prefer the one with less flat response.

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Messages: 8, Location: Jupiter, Florida. I am new to owning a vintage Marantz receiver, I have added the above listed receivers to my collection and would like opinions on which should sound better or be prefered.

From what I have seen most would pick the but maybe someone that knows these models can tell me if one is better built or is more collectable.

Marantz 2250 B

So far I have noticed one that seems more balanced sounding but I want to get some experienced opinions from members that have these models already. I have had all of them serviced and cleaned, new lights installed also.

Last edited: Aug 11, RS SteveMar 24, Messages: 2, Location: Utah. From your collection I would say the would be my favorite for listening and the would be worth the most.

I sold my in favor of myjmo. Newjin likes this. Messages: Location: Kansas City. This is about as subjective as it gets among Marantz-o-philes, but MY fav is thethe B a close second and usually the most Under-rated, power wise, usually testing out at about 70 WPC when recapped. The has an almost cult like following with many finding it to be the best sounding I give that distinction to thewhich I consider a roll-up of all of the service bulletins plus 5 watts and the PLL tuner. Some others would say I am exactly backwards.

Did that help? Oh, my favorite higher powered model would be the Which is completely irrelevant to your question, lol Messages: 2, Location: Central Arizona. After years I finally had the chance to listen to a Having had all of the above I would rate them as ,b then the That is not to say i would be tossing any of them out mind you.

Klipsch speakers tend to be on the bright side so I would favor the When it comes to listening your opinion is the most important.

Marantz 2270

Thanks everyone, thats the imput I was looking for. I will install the beautiful wood case on the and make it even nicer. I have some other speakers I will compare sound with, should be a nice receiver to show off when i'm done. Messages: 1, Being the oldest in the group, the may still be in need of additional component replacement, even though it is currently 'fully functional'.

Old, or inferior caps can leave the with a 'boomy' or sloppy Bass response. Actually, the and make about the same power. The is the middle aged receiver in the group. The B the newest It's in less need of a full refurb.This is the classic Marantz receiver in a beautiful wood case. Anyone familiar with vintage audio knows that Marantz built some of the best receivers of the time.

And, actually, when restored, probably still stand up against the best out on the market today in terms of sound quality. The blue dial light is an easily recognized feature of most of the Marantz receivers. Sometimes the light will look a little green and that is because they used a type of vellum paper between the bulbs and the dial face.

Over time the vellum gets old and brittle and can break apart or turn yellow causing the nice blue light to turn green. Marantz is also known for its horizontal wheel tuner as opposed to the more common tuning knob. The Marantz is rated at 70 watts per channel in to 8 ohms.

It measures roughly 17 x 14 x 5 inches and weighs about 40 pounds. The 22 series marantz receivers last two digits are rms wattage. I believe was a JBL model, and The is a quad receiver or 4 channel. I got pro ject carbon turntable and am about to purchase one of these to use with it.

What additional pieces am I going to need to be set with a complete system? Am I going to have to find an amp? A pre amp? Anything else? The has a built in phono amp so you should be good. Not familiar with the pro-ject turntable but as long as it has RCA outputs you should be good.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Like Tweet. Jan Vigne. Stu Pitt. The B's obviously is a little bit newer and has been serviced which is nice. The has more watts and seems to be a more highly regarded receiver by most people. Thing is, it is for my mother so whatever I get has to work and not need to be in the shop for a couple of years.

My price range just dropped, and there still are many other options, but I am pretty sure and old Marantz is the way I am going to go.

Marantz 2270 Vintage Stereo Receiver. Audio Repair & Restoration. Test Bench Underrated, 96.7 Watts!

Sometimes I think one word and just type another and don't realize it until it's too late First, of course, is where do they get repaired, and at what cost, should they have any problems now or in the future. We are talking 30 year old receivers with variable parts from series to series. Scavenging parts and making do can sometimes be a time consuming proposition where the receiver sits in the shop for months awaiting parts.

More importantly would be what are you looking at. The Marantz receivers went through many changes, not only in parts but also in where they were manufactured, after Superscope purchased the company from Marantz. Personally I've never understood the endearing position for the Marantz receivers from this period. There were much better products available; most especially so as time wore on with the receivers.

This is, in my opinion, like restoring a Nova because that's what you drove as your first car. If I had my druthers, I'd go with the NAD and know you have a product that works the way it was designed and will, in all likelyhood, be working exactly the same way ten years from now.

Would the NAD be your personal recommendation or was that just your recommendation based on what I have been looking at? I am unsure of the exact year of thebut it's somewhere between and when the model was made which I think predates "Marantz Japan. And for that price, another Mcintosh would not be out of the question. There is a Pioneer SX that has been recently serviced from the same guy who I got my MAC from which is in excellent condition and sounds it which is a possibility too.

I hear they probably have the best support for their old stuff. Jan knows more than just about anyone here with that and just about anything else.

I don't have a lot of experience with the old Marantz stuff, just the B. My father has a pristine one sitting in a box in his basement that I've been trying to swipe for years now. He used it on a regular basis up until about 7 or 8 years ago. Now it gets used about times a year. You may also want to call the local hi-fi shops and see what they have laying around. A lot of times they have used stuff that people traded in, open box, discontinued, etc.

Spearit Sound seems to be the biggest one like this in your area. Also call Hippo's and Clark Music. The amount of used stuff that Hippo's and Clark Music have is pretty hit or miss. Sometimes they've got a room full, other times they've only got one or two things. I can't remember how much it was, but I had to stop myself from buying it. It was barely used. Call them to see if they still have it - We Sound Better. Stereo Receivers.

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marantz 2250 vs 2270

Login or register to post reviews. Reviewed Nov 19th, by Keith Tarver. Reviewed Nov 17th, by Tony I've had my for 30 years now after buying from a friend for I love it,the best I still has a few scratches on the front face plate and the top side,the feet were still missing and the famous power button was hard wired to on and I bought a sweet power strip for that problem.

Since then I had the button replaced as and got feet for it as well as a relamp to a soft LED. It been a total workhorse that always brings a smile to my face and told my Brothers they will only get it when they pry it out of my dead hands. I just recently bought a set of Klipsch Forte IIs and have yet to hook them up to it.

Marantz 2270 Receivers

I have them for the surround sound TV in the bedroom and she's afraid if I hook them up in the living room they won't make it back into the bedroom. Reviewed Aug 11th, by Vintage Eric. Love love love this amp. Picked up a few months back, got it professionally cleaned although it was already pretty clean.

A couple of small fixes and its incredible. The has reinvigorated my love of music.There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic monaural and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set.

marantz 2250 vs 2270

Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound.

Marantz 2250 B

Scott ' Posta un commento. Pagine Home New Classic Disclaimer. What is stereo? Marantz Complete facilities for two Tape Recorders with the ability to "dub" from either one to the other. Front panel Tape Dubbing Jacks. For over three years the Marantz was the standard by which all others compared their receivers. Now, its successor, the carries that comparison one step futher. The Multipath Indicator tells you the best position of your FM antenna. The Variable Turnover Tone Controls provide a flexibility for contouring the sound that is far superior to anything previously available.

Plus, there's a unique Dolby De-emphasis Switch for use with an external adaptor - to accommodate Dolby FM broadcasts. There are complete facilities for two tape recorders with the ability to "dub" from either one to the other.

And the pre-out main-in jacks permit convenient use of any external device such as an equalizer or electronic cross-over. The direct-coupled full complementary amplifier output circuitry assures crystal clear highs and solid lows. The entire package is backed up with a full three year parts, labor and performance guarantee.There are many distributors and varying prices so I will leave it up to you to find a supplier. If you use different LEDs than the ones I mention above, you should check the current and, according to the device datasheet, determine the best resistor value.

The idea is to get the best tradeoff between brightness and current keeping in mind that the LED will last the longest when the current is kept the lowest possible. Try to solder in just a second or 2 to keep this time to a minimum and you can be sure the LED will last a long time.

When done, trim the ends and make the next one until you have number of fuse style lamps you need. The idea here is to get the resistor as close as possible to the LED to keep the overall length as short as possible. Otherwise we end up with a bright spot again. They are made the same way. The dial illumination LEDs are installed in one of 2 ways. If you are planning on replacing the dial diffuser paper recommendedremove the front face of the receiver and remove the dial plastic itself.

This will allow access to the lamps easily. Use the old diffuser paper as a template for cutting out a new one and reinstall with small amounts of glue when reassembling. If you just want to change out the dial lamps and not deal with the diffuser, you can go through the top of the receiver at the back of the dial display. There are usually 2 screws on either end of the dial lamp plastic reflector assembly.

Remove these 2 screws to be able to pull out the fuse style lamp holder bar. It's a bit difficult to maneuver in there and hemostats or needle nose pliers may help you as you remove and replace the fuse style lamps.

marantz 2250 vs 2270

Reinsert the lamp holder bar and screw down the ends when done. Sometimes the plastic has deteriorated here and I often have to apply some glue to get everthing solid again. There is no polarity to these lamps BTW. The LEDs are flexible which allows for adjustment of the actual light beams so that bright spots can be minimized. I find that making them a little "wall-eyed" makes for the most even lighting. Thanks for visiting and good luck with your LED lamps!

Email me if you need help or have any questions. I get a lot of questions about LED lamp replacement. Here I will show you how to build your own LED lamps and how to replace them in your Marantz receiver. This page will show the generic way to change out the lamps since some models will be slightly different.

The rather narrow beam of these LEDs require that they are adjusted in order to get the most even lighting from them and not create a bright spot. Once the LEDs are prepared, cut and curl the ends of one resistor and place the LEDs and resistor as shown here at the left. Now take the ends off some old fuses you have lying about and place them on the ends of the LEDs as shown here: Once again, keep the soldering time to a minimum. Now that you are a pro at making these, the bi-pin replacements should be a piece-of-cake!

Do the same for the resistor you are going to use. Be sure to make up one dial pointer LED as well. I use heat shrink on the dial pointer LED once it is installed so that there are no issues with shorting. The other LEDs will not require heat shrink if they are done properly. Now we can install the bi-pins. These will require you to remove the cover of the receiver and get access to the bi-pin lamps.

Heat up both leads at the same time by using your iron tip diagonally and pull the old lamp out. Remove the old solder and insert the new LED.

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