Kreator albums

With this 14th studio album of their impressive career, the thrashers from Essen, Germany have crafted a work of art of utmost vigor, drawing its unfailing power from the pounding heart of one of the greatest, most versatile metal bands of all time. Gods Of Violence lives and breathes! As is often the case, it all started with a good idea. Especially the November Paris attacks made him realize that there had to be a continuum of human malevolence, running like a thread through the ages, from ancient times up to the present day.

Like this, a key note of the album was found that is also reflected in the sheer brutality of 'World War Now'among others. Even 'Death Becomes My Light'the final eight-minute-epic dealing with a near death experience, is not a single second too long: Gods Of Violence flashes by like greased lightning. Mille Petrozza was born and bred in the metal scene. Nevertheless, he is and always has been open to inspiration from various sources, which is why his lyrics on this album are by no means merely based on corny genre templates but offer trenchant observations of our time combined with a witty advance towards inflated cliches: One of the best songs on Gods Of Violence is really called 'Satan Is Real'.

It was on their third album Terrible Certainty that KREATOR would precisely define some of their most characteristic traits: Power riffing and aggressive shouting always meet a sure feeling for complex arrangements and highly memorable songwriting that is not to be taken for granted within this genre - KREATOR know their choruses better than most.

An ability that makes them stand out in the international music scene as well: Over the years, KREATOR have sold more than two million albums worldwide and have played countless shows all around the globe.

kreator albums

This includes tackling issues of both personal and universal importance. Ensuring all this also bears testimony to the strong team spirit connecting all band members. It all comes down to this: Mille builds the base frame which his band mates fill with their ideas and visions.

According to Petrozza - a cosmopolitan at heart - his sticking to the West German Ruhr area should not be interpreted as localistic commitment though. Why would I want to lead a stupid rock star life anyway, snoozing until noon every day and not doing much else?

I keep the show rolling, simple as that.More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Artist.

Kreator discography

Formed in as Tormentorthe band changed the name to Kreator in after the departure of singer Paul Terozza. Tormentor 8. Viewing All Kreator. Discography Books. Data Quality Correct. Show 25 50 Refresh. Reply Notify me Helpful. Favorite Artists by 11able. Live Alive!! Artists I've seen live by williamblake.

My Favorite Artists by crimsonmetal Shows by impersonator. Seen live by 9mmdetox. Artists I've seen live by somewhatdistantghost.

kreator albums

Concerts by asterios Bands I've Seen by deadbraincells. Artists I've seen live by butmun. Seen Live by inexpressible. Bands I Have Seen by harkusinatra. Seen Live by 31pro-pain Artists I've seen live by torquia. Bands I've Seen Live by gluetrout.

Bands and artists I've seen live by Laxevaag. Seen live by skhansen. En concert by boogiedoom. Bands seen by whiskeyminis. Artists I have seen live by nina. Shit I like by MonochromeReflection. Thrash Metal by Kein. Seen live by Myrkrarfar. Favorite Artists by Hellmace.This Kreator discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top Kreator albums can be found at the top of the list.

To make it easy for you, we haven't included Kreator singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums. If you think the greatest Kreator album isn't high enough on the list, then be sure to vote for it so it receives the credit it deserves.

Make sure you don't just vote for critically acclaimed albums; if you have a favorite Kreator album, then vote it up, even if it's not necessarily the most popular. This list of popular Kreator CDs has been voted on by music fans around the world, so the order of this list isn't just one person's opinion. Release Date: Artist: Kreator. Genres Music : Thrash metal. Label: Noise International.

kreator albums

Genres Music : Black metal, Death metal, Thrash metal. Length mins : Genres Music : Death metal, Thrash metal. Genres Music : Thrash metal, Melodic death metal. Coma of Souls. Pleasure to Kill. Extreme Aggression. Enemy of God.Arguably the most influential and successful European thrash metal band despite some competition from outfits such as Sodom, Destruction and Tankard, Germany's Kreator are by far the most enduring.

Kreator's career also mirrored speed metal's rising and waning fortunes: building from strength to strength throughout the s culminating in two now classic albums, 's Extreme Aggression and the following year's Coma Of Souls. As the new decade gave birth to grunge, Kreator felt it necessary to evolve, spending most of the rest of the decade taking their collective foot off the gas and exploring various combinations of industrial, goth-rock, and alternative sounds culminating on 's post-metal Endorama.

Its reception was their best received offering in nearly a decade and kicked off a creative rebirth at the dawn of the new century, evidenced by 's universally lauded comeback, Violent Revolution, from which they never turned back.

Now in their fourth decade, Kreator are certified worldwide superstars who tour as widely and frequently as bands literally half their age, delivering standard-bearing recordings such as 's Phantom Antichrist. They were still known as Tormentor when their first two demo tapes, one fittingly named Blitzkriegand the other End of the Worldfell into the hands of thousands of heavy metal fans engaging in the era's bustling underground tape-trading network.

Positive word of mouth soon attracted the attention of Germany's own metal start-up, Noise Records, which signed the newly re-christened Kreator to a deal and immediately put them to work on their first album. Recorded in just ten days at Berlin's Musiclab Studios, 's Endless Pain was a savage debut, but its crude thrashing quickly had the underground metal world abuzz with excitement. A second guitar player, Wulf, was hired for touring purposes, and with Kreator's reputation preceding them, lucky fans within the band's modest touring radius were soon clamoring for tickets.

No sooner had they come off the road than Kreator were heading right back to Musiclab Studios, this time with producer Harris Johns Helloween, Voivod to record their second album, Pleasure to Kill. Unleashed in and still considered the band's first "classic" album, Pleasure to Kill raised the bar with more diversity of tempos and greater attention to technical execution, while losing nothing in terms of ferocity or speed.

The band closed out the year with the Flag of Hate EP named after a re-recorded version of their earliest hitand there seemed to be little doubt that Kreator, along with fellow Germans Helloween and Switzerland's Celtic Frost with whom they toured the U. Recorded at Hanover's Horus Studios with English producer Roy Rowland, 's Terrible Certainty did nothing to dent this perception, since, for once, Petrozza and company actually had a little time to work out the songs beforehand.

Profits from these concerts would help finance yet another EP product being something Noise never stopped asking for entitled Out of the Dark, Into the Light, released in August By this time, all signs suggested that Kreator were on the verge of a major breakthrough, and when Noise struck a deal with giant Epic Records for large-scale distribution in America, Petrozza knew this was his chance of taking his band global.

Mustering all of his creative juices and honing his songwriting, he led Kreator into Los Angeles' Music Grinder Studios and brought in well-regarded producer Randy Burns Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, etc.

With videos made for the ubiquitous title track and the venomous "Betrayer" getting plenty of exposure on MTV's Headbangers Ball, Extreme Aggression quickly became their biggest seller yet, and the subsequent North American swing with Suicidal Tendencies introduced the band to many new friends.

The tour also marked the debut of former Sodom guitarist Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik, whose nightly lead guitar duels with Petrozza are still the stuff of fond memory for Kreator fans. Seeking to capitalize on the group's momentum, Noise rushed them back into the studio to whip up their next effort, Coma of Souls, released in October Unfortunately, the hastily conceived LP clearly suffered from the less than favorable circumstances in which it was created, seeming too much like a retread of earlier material and bogged down by filler.

It should also be noted that, by the end of the s, thrash and speed metal had largely run their course and mutated into death metal, leaving genre standard-bearers like Kreator, Anthrax, and even Metallica with a difficult choice: evolve or perish. Released inthe appropriately named Renewal seemed to answer that question by going straight to the source for help.

One thing that needed no updating was Petrozza's hissing, scratchy voice, which of course predated, and no doubt influenced, death metal's Cookie Monster vocal style. Proving just how wary perhaps too wary the studio was of current trends, Renewal also came slathered in industrial-metal techniques -- something that did not go over well with Kreator and was later blamed for the album's disappointing showing.

The excruciatingly taxing touring commitments that followed took the band as far as South America, but understandably left them physically and creatively exhausted, prompting Petrozza to announce a protracted break to recover.

Incredibly, Kreator's silence was only broken three years later with the release of 's somewhat back to basics Cause for Conflict -- their first effort for new label GUN Records.

Hardly a successful comeback, the album found Kreator confused and uninspired -- hopelessly out of touch with the day's reigning extreme metal trends, and surely traumatized by the recent departure of both Fioretti and Ventor they were replaced by bassist Christian Giesler and former Whiplash drummer Joe Cangelosi.

The Best Kreator Albums of All Time

Adding insult to injury, Noise Records chose exactly this difficult moment to release the Scenarios of Violence set -- a collection of live recordings and remixed old hits that seemed to declare Kreator's future prospects null and void. Looking to remedy the band's tenuous situation, Petrozza called upon former Coroner guitar wizard Tommy Vetterli to help him guide Kreator into realms unknown, getting even further away from their roots on their next two albums, the highly experimental Outcast and Endorama Both of these veered into ever-slower pacing, added gothic and ambient elements, incorporated samples and loops, and even found Petrozza trying a few different singing styles on for size.

But even though they met with certain critical acclaim and signaled Ventor's welcome return to Kreator's ranks, neither of these albums managed to re-ignite the band's career.The official music video for the track can be seen below. The message of this song is more important than ever: we have to stick together in this more and more divided world.

Take care and most importantly: stay metal! We can do it all together. We are one! I have to pinch myself every day to believe that I'm now a part of one of the best and most influential bands in the genre. We have accomplished so much, and I sincerely wish him the best in his future!

Not only is he an exceptional musician but a great human being which made the decision to have him join the band very easy! The effort was professionally filmed and recorded on December 16, at the Roundhouse in London, England.

Kreator - Extreme Aggression (1989/2017 Remaster Full Album) HD

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Kreator's career also mirrored speed metal's rising and waning fortunes: building from strength to strength throughout thes,only to fall onhard times in the s. Now seemin Now seemingly reborn in their third decade of activity, Kreator are certified worldwidesuperstars whostill tour as widelyand frequently as bands half their age -- now that's resilience.

They were still known as "Tormentor" when theirfirst twodemotapes, one fittingly named "Blitzkrieg"and the other "End of the World"fell into the hands of thousands ofheavymetal fansengaging in the era's bustling underground tape-trading network. Positive word of mouth soon attracted the attentionofGermany's own metalstart-up, Noise Records, which signed the newly re-christened Kreator to a deal and immediately put them to workontheir first album.

Recordedin just ten days at Berlin's Musiclab Studios, 's Endless Pain was a savage debut, but its crudethrashingquickly had the underground metalworld a-buzzing with excitement. A second guitar player, Wulf, was hired for touring purposes,and withthe group's reputation preceding them,lucky fans within the band's modest touring radius were soon clamoring for tickets.

No sooner had they come off the road, then Kreator were heading right back to Musiclab Studios, this time with producer HarrisJohns Helloween,Voivod to record their second album, Pleasure to Kill.At times, Gods of Violence plays like an unresolved tug of war between quintessential Kreator and grandiose symphonic metal—often in the same song.

If you like both styles, you can expect to be in hog heaven. But if you prefer one over the other, you're left to skip over certain sections of songs. In general, when Gods of Violence hews towards outsized melody, it feels watered-down rather than stretched out. Lyrically, Gods of Violence suffers in a similar way. If we ranked bands based on that criterion, Kreator would surely land near the top of the list.

For the last plus years, Petrozza has penned gem after lyrical gem, amassing a string of fist-waving catchphrases that rival anyone in metal. Attention ad execs: this is the song you need for your seitan ad! Petrozza also has a knack for using his words to convey the opposite of what they seem to indicate on first or even second glance. Originally conceived as a concept album rooted in Greek mythologyGods of Violence frames modern warfare as a remnant of an ancient evil that has resided in the psyche for as long as our species has existed.

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