Gm efi connectors

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Larger Image. In Stock. Add to Wish List. Wiring Shop Quick Reference Guide. We have one goal, to provide you a one stop solution for all of your wiring components needs. From connectors and pins to wire loom and tools! We have everything you need to build or service your Holley EFI powered machine! Tech Resources Tech Resources. Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar regulations.It would be nice if every new cell phone and electronic device was equipped with the same charge cord.

The same can be said for electronic fuel injectors. Just about the time we get comfortable with a certain injector, a new version debuts and we have to learn a new set of parameters. However, for performance engine builders, EFI swappers, and inveterate engine tinkerers, this ever-expanding range of fuel injectors offers both opportunity and confusion. Or, you could just listen to your brother-in-law β€” he knows everything, right?


This story will take an overview approach to GM fuel injectors. We will focus on all the important injector fitment specs such as overall length, O-ring sizes, and electrical connectors.

The connector part of this story would not be too bad if the industry could stick to one name β€” but with multiple names for each connector β€” it can get perplexing. This injector family portrait includes four of the five popular GM fuel injectors. The one missing version is the late truck injector that is the same height as the early truck LS piece but using the EV6 electrical connector.

What you will notice is a lack of flow rate information β€” since this would add a cumbersome volume of material to this story. Combined with the accompanying images, the chart is probably the easiest way to differentiate and make sense of all the different GM injectors.

All cathedral port LS engines use the same injector spacing which allows using aftermarket fuel rails like this Holley. Aeromotive does not recommend mixing and matching fuel rails due to the possibility of a high-pressure fuel leak.

These injectors are physically the largest and tallest of all the GM injectors. These Bosch injectors used a connector that is referred to by no less than three different aliases.

The earliest reference is the Jetronic β€”the Bosch name for its early fuel injection system. This connector evolved into the Minitimer that now morphed to EV1. Right away, this becomes mystifying with three different ways to describe this electrical connector. This injector was used all the way up into the mid model-year in certain vehicles. Next in line in terms of height is the first-generation LS1 injector.

This unit is much slimmer and slightly shorter than the early Bosch injectors, taking up much less real estate. The early Gen III truck engines such as the 4. Making this early truck injector unique is its Multec 2 connector. Since most aftermarket EFI systems target the more modern EV6 injectors, using the early truck injectors will often require an electrical adapter. This is the only injector that uses this electrical connector.

Somewhere around the model year, the truck injectors changed again. This truck injector is 0.Trending now. New Products. GM EFI. Engine Tech. Elizabeth Puckett. Rick Seitz. Latest Posts. Kooks Headers and Exhaust have launched headers for the C8 Corvette to pave the way for big power. Read more. If you're looking for a new way to keep your engine cool, check this out. These products will help keep your vehicle's cool.

Lingenfelter announces a high-flowing throttle body for LT5. Joe Farrell owns a Trans Am with quite a few upgrades throughout. Thanks to the help of BP Automotive, he was able to complete the biggest customization of the build with ease.

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Holley has developed a new intake manifold plenum for boosted LS engines. Load more. All rights reserved.If you are looking for fuel injector connectors, then you have come to the right place. Our fuel injector connector kits come with all the parts needed to either replace, rebuild, or repair your broken fuel injector connectors using your existing wiring harness. You reuse your existing wires; first cut off the old metal terminals, and then you crimp the new metal terminals on the existing harness wire.

No need for splicing, and no need to scrounge around junk yards looking for fuel injector connector pigtails. You will need to visually identify your connector and compare it to the detailed pictured below in our online shipping cart.

Tips on selecting the proper type of fuel injector connector. Fuel injector connectors are susceptible to deterioration due to aging, and wear and tear. We also carry EV1 to EV6 connector conversion adapters, and wire terminal release tools. Terminal tools work on most conventional terminals as well as pack-con and weatherpack terminals found on GM vehicles.

Blue terminal fits many ford applications. The locking tab width is smaller in Type A. A broken connector will not stay in place, and must be replaced in order for the vehicle to be reliable and safely driven.

A broken connector will not seal the contacts properly, and will let moisture in, eventually causing corrosion on the metal terminals.

gm efi connectors

Reusing a broken fuel injector connector is just asking for problems!!!!! Side Release Fuel Injector Connector. C EV1 Female Comparison. Standard vs. Wide Slot Honda Female Comparison. A2 Nippon Comparison.One often overlooked component in modified vehicles are the fittings.

The wrong size fitting or a poorly made fitting, can absolutely ruin your day. Not to even mention that a failed or improper fitting is usually not something you can pop out and replace β€” many of them can be hard to reach on the fly. Racetronix has made a name for themselves for perfecting the art of engineering high-end fuel system components such as pumps, fuel rails, injectors β€” and those that otherwise go overlooked.

gm efi connectors

They are the perfect solution for the trip to the corner parts store to get cheap, off-brand, low-quality small parts; those of which may or may not even be the right size, and who even knows how long they would last. So many people have experienced the problem of ends being too big or small for the hose, and the second common problem is the ends actually being too short, causing all kinds of issues.

Since Racetronix is always listening to the demand of their customers, they continue to expand their catalog. In addition to their already very expansive line of hose fittings, they have added two new types of fittings to make your project much easier.

This top grade fitting is expertly designed and made to meet, and exceed top industry standards. It offers a fusion of well-balanced design with high-end craftsmanship. These are easily installed, with, you guessed it, a push, and they lock in place. These are made for supercharged or turbocharged applications, and will greatly increase the reliability and efficiency of your wastegate or blow off valve. These are available in sizes:. Both are ready to ship out of the high-tech Racetronix facility, that also produces nearly 4, other products for customers all around the world.

They ensure the highest quality from design to construction, making sure every product that leaves the door is reliable and ready to use. This has been a key characteristic about Racetronix since the brand was founded in They are well-known for a large range of electronics, fuel system components, and small parts like these fittings. Racetronix designs their parts with high-performance use and high horsepower applications in mind. Shawn Henry is a Texas native who has spent the majority of his career building and selling F-Bodies and Corvettes.

Now studying journalism, he is taking a new direction with his love of GM Performance vehicles.

4 Pin GM Delphi Packard GT150 Connector

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gm efi connectors

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gm efi connectors

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