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It is a three-year degree planned for students, who will be selected through an online entry test TOLC-E aimed at evaluating basic knowledge of Mathematics, Logic and Reading Comprehension. During the course, students will have the opportunity to spend a period of study abroad, exploiting the several agreements concluded with foreign Universities. Accounting; financial and economic activities related to enterprises and organizations; business organization and productive factors management.

Graduates should have the skills that will allow them to grasp and solve corporate and accounting problems. In particular, graduates will be able to: keep the business accounting; understand and draw up a balance sheet; formulate strategic planning; use assessment methods also based on statistical and accounting models appropriately; analyze and solve the main problems as regards the establishment, the activity and the end of an enterprise.

L - Business administration. Detailed information on the course are available on the ESSE3 university platform. People search. Italiano Chinese. Sitemap en. Toggle navigation Menu. Job opportunities Accounting; financial and economic activities related to enterprises and organizations; business organization and productive factors management. Skills Graduates should have the skills that will allow them to grasp and solve corporate and accounting problems. Details Course Length 3 Years N.

Tasse e Servizi. Precedente Successiva.The three-year programme will provide students with the appropriate methods, general scientific knowledge and professional business dynamics, as they can choose between the following paths: professional activities within the corporate and economic public enterprises, private, profit and non-profit sectors, including the social and the services; professional activities in the economic sector specifically in those businesses directly or indirectly active in the tourism sector; continuing studies always in a class of the same LM Framework specification.

The training is completed and enriched through an osmosis with the territory and with the residents, both private and public, as well as networking with universities and centres of excellence not only national but also from the European Union and other associated countries.

The presence of training activities in mathematical-statistical SSD has the objective of contributing to form in members of the Course the necessary preparation and adequate familiarity with tools, analysis processes and methodologies about useful decisions upon the end of their training.

Graduates will have a fair command of spoken and written English and a second foreign language of choice Arabic, French, Spanish or German, in addition to Italian. They will also have skills relating to information management tools and methods with data processing and telematic methods.

The fundamental nucleus of studies consists of business disciplines business administration, economics and business management, corporate finance, accounting and budgeting, planning and controlanalysed in all their components and according to a logic of interoperability. These components are close to solid economic skills political economy, economic Policy, industrial economics and applied economics and legal skills private law, public law, commercial law and financial law.

The course is offered entirely in English language with the possibility for subscribers who request to be added to some basic courses in virtual classrooms receiving video lessons in English. Graduates can take any of the following positions: employee or consultant in the areas of assistance to the Directorate, commercial sector, planning and budgeting, marketing in medium and large companies, mainly in the private sector both for-profit and non-profitbut also public administrations; employee or representative of management and financial consulting companies for small businesses in manufacturing and services, also related to tourism sector; other entrepreneurial possibilities especially in the tourism sector.

The common training for the two addresses has been distinguishing teachings among the training activities and educational activities and, for the remaining credits, offering to the subscribers qualifying training activities for each of the two addresses.

Basic knowledge provides solid preparation in the business, economic, legal, and linguistic-mathematical statistician disciplines, whose teachings are considered introductory, is provided during the first year. They are intended to form a solid base that is necessary for cultural insights in the subsequent phase of qualifying training oriented in two different addresses General and tourist enterprises towards the creation of more operational skills that can be spent in the labor market.

The Organization of the training objectives of the degree course has been optimized according to the typical characteristics of a telematic University modularized teaching.

The educational process runs through the provision of video lessons supplemented by tutoring activities carried out in the forms of interactive teaching, aimed at developing analytical capacities and critical synthesis of the student. For each of the thematic areas of basic training activities, including languages, a tutor is provided every 30 students enrolled in virtual classroom in every delivery and a "thematic teacher". The exam is a written assessment test that must be preceded by the admission by the tutor after a learning path through intermediate self-assessment tests.

The final evaluation of examinations is expressed through a vote at thirtieth and tests are structured so as to appreciate the candidate's maturity in reworking critical content of each individual lessons. This is also applied to other supplementary educational forms for which you scheduled the suitability computing for 6 ECTS. The goal is to familiarize students with a direct knowledge of the dynamics and management, organisational issues.

Graduates choosing CLEGI in the General path acquires a solid preparation in business disciplines, from business bookkeeping system and the annual financial statements, in addition to economic ones for proper mastery of mathematical-statistical tools and of the principles and institutions of the legal system. In the tourist firms sector you study the application of modern accounting economic techniques touristic firms, paying attention to the specific tourisms types and characteristics of the sector.

The training enables the graduate to acquire a theoretical knowledge and practical responses to the various professional fields into such disciplines as well as its possible continuation in advanced courses. At the end of the course of study the graduate matures a strong and autonomous understanding of issues related to economics and business, of a general aspect and applied to tourism businesses.

All educational activities lectures, tutorials, mentoring, networking equipment, etc. The final examination of each individual discipline tends to verify if the student is able to analyze and apply the solution of concrete cases that he will face in the workplace.

The final exam for each discipline, tends to evaluate the acquired ability to critically rework teaching contents, to ensure knowledge of the subject and the link with the disciplines already encountered in the course of studies already carried out also through the examination of a practical case.

Applying knowledge and understanding CLEGI graduate acquires the ability to apply knowledge in order to carry out the job in a professional way.Is it the first time you are entering this system? Use the following link to activate your id and create your password.

I noti scandali Enron, Worldcom e Parmalat ne sono una prova evidente. Il terzo obiettivo riguarda la governance dei gruppi di imprese. Gli studenti devono dimostrare un'ampia conoscenza e comprensione dei modelli di governo societario e della loro applicazione nei vari contesti, con particolare attenzione a: - teorie contemporanee del governo societario; - forme di regolamentazione del sistema di governo societario a livello nazionale ed europeo; - etica nel governo societario; - differenze contestuali in merito al ruolo degli azionisti e degli stakeholder; - differenze contestuali in merito all'influenza dei diversi stakeholder sul governo delle imprese; - ruolo e funzioni del consiglio di amministrazione e sua interazione con l'azionista e il top management.

Nel raggiungimento di questi obiettivi il corso CoGo vuole mettere in pratica la teoria e stimolare la cooperazione tra studenti e tra studenti e professori.

Se l'esame scritto viene superato con almeno 18 anni, gli studenti possono rifiutare il punteggio e tornare alla prossima data d'esame. Il punteggio ottenuto alla successiva data d'esame annulla il precedente.

Gli studenti frequentanti e non frequentanti possono discutere il loro Project Work durante il corso vedere il programma analitico. Si raccomanda vivamente che il PW venga presentato utilizzando una presentazione PPT, nello stesso giorno da tutti i membri del gruppo. Inoltre gli studenti devono portare la copia stampata dei loro compiti che saranno valutati dal professore. Il compito deve essere completato per la data scelta per l'esame.

Gli studenti non devono completare il compito per l'esame preliminare. Pre-esame: gli studenti frequentanti e non frequentanti possono fare l'esame preliminare. Teaching notes di "Governance and Ethics. Towards the primary interest of the firm as a guiding principle and common good".

economia aziendale online principles www

Saranno disponibili gratuitamente sul sito del corso, nella sezione "materiale didattico". The aim is to allow students to evaluate the governance of those entities, analyzing their actors, systems and conflict of interests.


The focus on large corporations comes from the fact that their failure, due to bad governance, has undoubtedly more significant consequences and media impact, than small companies. The well-known scandals Enron, Worldcom and Parmalat are strong evidence. The second objective is to give the principles of good governance for any type of organization business entities and non-business entitiesfollowing the recommendations of the Italian doctrine Economia Aziendale. These principles will be compared with those of the Anglo-American theories of the firm challenged after the numerous corporate scandals and the global economic crisis.

The third objective is referred to the governance of the business groups. The interest on business group comes from the fact that large corporations e. The most important aspects of the business group governance are the direction activity of the holding company over its subsidiaries and the governance of the transactions within the group.

LEARNING SKILLS: Will be assessed through the open questions formulated to require students to make connections between the topics studied and to express a personal contribution examples of application of the concepts, case studies presented in the classroom. In achieving these objectives the CoGo course wants to put the theory into practice and stimulate the cooperation among students and among students and professor. The course is divided into three parts, for a total of ten chapters:.

The ownership and control Chapter II: Corporate governance and its actors.A tale scopo, l'analisi s'impernia sullo studio delle funzioni aziendali marketing, produzione, finanza, organizzazione, amministrazione e controllo, oltre alla strategia nelle diverse tipologie d'azienda imprese dei vari settori, compreso il settore degli intermediari finanziari, ma anche aziende e amministrazioni pubbliche.

Per raggiungere tali risultati, il corso di laurea prevede, oltre all'uso di strumenti tradizionali, lo studio sistematico di casi aziendali, testimonianze di dirigenti e operatori aziendali, partecipazione ad assemblee societarie e ad altri momenti di vita aziendale.


Sulla base del percorso scelto, saranno in grado di prendere decisioni e proporre soluzioni nei vari campi dell'economia aziendale. I laureati sapranno comunicare sia in forma scritta che orale - informazioni, idee, problemi e soluzioni riguardanti la gestione aziendale e i suoi risultati, a interlocutori specialisti managers e personale aziendale operante nelle diverse funzioni, intermediari finanziari, professionisti e consulenti aziendali, studiosi della materia e non specialisti.

La prova finale consiste in un breve elaborato scritto su temi collegati alle discipline oggetto di studio del corso di laurea. Salta al contenuto principale. Home Didattica Offerta formativa Corsi di studio. Scheda del corso Anno Accademico di immatricolazione:.

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Principles of Economics

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economia aziendale online principles www

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economia aziendale online principles www

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Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Prospective students Students and alumni Faculty and staff. Professors and degree programmes Programme Timetable. Contribution of the course to the overall degree programme goals. These adjustments permit the proper recognition of both income and equity at the end of such period; - the main Italian regulatory framework to be considered for the proper evaluation of bookkeeping entries. At the end of this teaching course, the students will be able: - to record the main accounting entries needed to prepare financial statements; - to draw up the income statement and the final balance sheet considering the accounting data available from the opening balance sheet at the beginning of the accounting periodthe description of the transactions taking place during the accounting period, and the information needed to carry out the final adjustments.

Since this course provides basic knowledge about accounting bookkeeping and Italian financial statements, no previous knowledge is required.

economia aziendale online principles www

Logics and methods of accounting: - cycle of operations: production operations and financing operations; - double entry bookkeeping. Influence of management operations on income and capital. Accounting regulation and standards.

Principles for the preparation of financial statements.Abano Terme. Reggio Calabria. Lezioni private di Economia. Ricerca insegnanti Cosa vuoi imparare? Livello delle lezioni inizio basso medio alto. Lezioni private a studenti universitari e superiori economia, finanza, bilancio, diritto commerciale e tributario, ec. Lezioni online Economia. Annuncio premium Ho esperienza nell'ambito dell'insegnamento e non solo.

Sono abilitata alla professione di Dottore commercialista e Neolaureata offre ripetizioni o aiuto-compiti in varie materie per ragazzi dalle elementari alle superiori. Darfo Boario Terme Economia. Con una laurea trilingue in economia posso aiutarvi a capirla e maneggiarla senza problemi.

Posso anche aiutarvi ne Insegnante economia aziendale. Cavedine, Drena, Madruzzo, Ar Sono un'insegnante con pluriennale esperienza nelle scuole private nelle seguenti materie: economia, diritto, tedes Insegnante di economia e materie collegate. Padova Economia. Esperto di materie economiche e finanziarie, pararallelamente al mio lavoro, offro il necessario supporto per color Laureato in economia aziendale.

Foggia Economia. Insegnante per medie e superiori. Termoli Economia. Ciao, ho una laurea, un Master e l'abilitazione all'insegnamento. Da 8 anni aiuto i ragazzi nello svolgimento dei c Docente a tempo determinato, con un dottorato in economia aziendale e management, impartisce ripetizioni di economia e matematica ed aiuto compiti in molte altre materie per studenti di scuole secondarie di i e ii grado. Prato Economia. Ripetizioni esami di economia. Laureando in innovation and International management impartisce lezioni private per esami di economia.This article is for folks who are interested in economics, especially about how monetary and fiscal policy will work differently in the future.

This report is an examination of populism, the phenomenonhow it typically germinates, grows, and runs its course. Dalio is sharing a briefing paper that he and his research team prepared. Scarica il podcast "Come funziona la macchina dell'economia" tramite iTunes inglese. Ray Dalio sits down with one of his greatest heroes, Paul Volcker, to talk about the state of the economy and U. Government as well as learn about the principles that guided his incredible career. Read the 1 best-selling book, watch the videos to learn principles for success and experience the new app.

Share Economic Principles. Vale la pena investire 30 minuti alla visione di questo video. You're almost finished You will receive an email confirmation shortly. Populism: The Phenomenon This report is an examination of populism, the phenomenonhow it typically germinates, grows, and runs its course.

Prima lezione di ECONOMIA AZIENDALE (prof. Rosario Faraci)

Learn More About Principles Read the 1 best-selling book, watch the videos to learn principles for success and experience the new app go to principles.

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