Carl zeiss binoculars serial number lookup

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Carl Zeiss serial numbers

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You are most welcome to register for an account, which allows you to take part in lively discussions in the forum, post your pictures in the gallery and more. Can anybody tell me a website where I can check the serial numbers for Carl Zeiss Binoculars. Your Jenoptem is a Deltrintem model, which was built under that name from to You should get the build year from the serial number. Note that there was a thriving business making Zeiss 7x50 replicas, but nobody built fake Zeiss 8x30s, to my knowledge.

Thanks very much to both of you, most informative. Any way the optics are pretty good with no columnation. If I have read the serial number info wrong can someone please point me in the right direction as to dating these. Contact Us - Home - Top. Thread Tools. Thursday 24th January Find More Posts by pronatureboy. View this user's Gallery.

View this user's Gallery Profile. Friday 25th JanuaryI have a pair of Carl Zeiss Binoculars and I was wondering if they were real or not.

carl zeiss binoculars serial number lookup

I looked up the serial numbers with corresponding dates on google, but I couldn't find my serial number. The serial number is I can tell you that the serial number is not important. What you want is simply to show the binoculars to an expert. Then, he or she will tell you whether it's real, and about how old it is. And thereafter you won't care about the serial number: you'll know what you wanted to know. All I need is a few detailed photos and I will personally answer your question. I personally have not used them, but they have gotten excellent reviews among astronomy forums.

Confidence in toughest conditions.

First ask him if you can test out the optics under darkness; then, if it's in good condition and you're sastified, grab them. If they are genuine performers, buy them as that price is a steal. Answer Save. Just like everything else, sometimes the best place to start with questions is the manufacturer.

From the Carl Zeiss website.

carl zeiss binoculars serial number lookup

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carl zeiss binoculars serial number lookup

Zeiss serial numbers This is the place where collectors can discuss their passion. Interested primarily in Carl Zeiss logo s black standard scopes. Just started searching for information.

Looks like my black inverted. Same logo. Has the black knobs. Any and all suggestions where to look will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Radazz. The Zeiss Standard Junior is not much cheaper to make than a normal Zeiss Standard, so it would have been sensible to remove it from the lineup.

This may be the solution: There also was a Standard RA,14? This might very well have been the successor of the Junior.

Carl Zeiss Binoculars Guide

They were already beige and look to me late 60s early 70 like. I think that Zeiss used black colour until the late 60s, so the Junior would have merged in until then.

Should be here Monday. This forum has become invaluable to me. Wish I could read German Radazz. This is the older version with brass dovetails probably abandoned due to manufacturing cost. The Zeiss condensers are calculated to be used with a mirror and a lamp with field iris about 20cm from the mirror. With a lamp on the foot they don't reach the full aperture.ZEISS - an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics.

ZEISS solutions contribute to world optics development and technological progress. With our passion for excellence, we create value for our customers and inspire the world to see in new ways. The ZEISS Archives contain original documents, files, photos, patents, registered designs, product literature, technical documentation and instruments from more than years of company history. The Archives were established in This is where the rest of the written documentation was collected, documentation that survived WWII, the American confiscations and the Soviet dismantling of German industry.

The Archives are open Monday to Friday from 9 a. Other visiting times can be arranged. Go to Registration Form.

carl zeiss binoculars serial number lookup

They were allocated the documents from beforethose of the VEB and some of those belonging to the combine.

This unit BACZ therefore houses the documents up to the mids. Only in was a decision made to merge the individual combine operations as individual holdings. As the documents of the BACZ are already used and cited in scientific literature under this signature, and there is no compelling reason to realign them, it was decided that the documents of the VEB would stay as is and perform major division only at catalogue level. Against the embittered resistance of the workforce, Carl Zeiss Jena was nationalized on 1 July ZEISS was soon adapted to the needs of the state-controlled economy.

This organizational structure did not see any major changes over the next few years. Only the Employment Directorate was set up in Major changes were commonplace at Research and Development. This affected the intermediate levels more than it did the individual Research and Development departments. However, the documents on this level can be allocated to the individual laboratories.The free camera encyclopedia.

Voigtlnder was one of the the worlds longest lived camera and lens makers. The brand is still used by other firms. Company history. Voigtlnder was founded in 1. Vienna, Austria by Johann Christoph Voigtlnder, as a scientific instrument maker. Voigtlnder was an optician and inventor, noted for his work on mathematical instruments, and held letters patent a state protected monopoly, the forerunner of a Patent from the Austrian government, granting an exclusive right to carry on that business.

For example, Voigtlnder invented instruments for linear and circular measure i. Voigtlnder died in 1. Wilhelm and Siegmund. Another son, Friedrich Voigtlnder, took control in 1. In the 1. General lens information.

Nikkor lens versions. One of the worlds fastest lenses. Shop from the worlds largest selection and best deals for Binoculars Telescopes. Shop with confidence on eBay The lens, with the widest relative aperture of any then made about f3, was very successful for its intended purpose the making of daguerreotype portraits.

The wide aperture allowed a very considerable reduction in exposure times. The lens main limitation it only covers a narrow field of view prevented it being adapted for other uses landscape, for example, but does not matter for portraiture. The design was widely adopted, and Petzval lenses were made for about the next century. Voigtlnder also made cameras, including the first all metal daguerrotype camera.

The manuals contained on these pages are. PDF files and require Adobe Reader. If you have a manual I do not have listed, I. Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars. Discounted Legendary Zeiss Quality Menu.The production of prism binoculars by Zeiss commenced in with their.

Company Seven has a Zeiss 7x 50 Noctar that by its serial number points to. Made in Germany. Made in Germany DDRserial number disc on front pivot is. Please enlighten us, we beseech thee. Binoculars Serial Numbers List of binoculars from jena and serial numbers: - 20, - 60, --The following is a collection of serial numbers for large format lens manufacturers.

Serial Number. Jena Serial Numbers. Citic Pb2 Driver For Windows 7. Hi, I've an old Dialyt 8x30B that used to belong to my grandfather. Recently I emailed Zeiss about the age Serial and the answer was So yours is probably even older. It's definitly one of the most beautiful binolculars and it's also still useable, but of course can't compare with any modern binocular.

I still use mine when I have to give my new Leicas to my wife the condition if she's to join me for birding and they are ok, the most bothering is a considerable amount of flare.

I also had to change the eyecups and Zeiss also did an adjustment and adding grease to the focus mechanism of both i don't see any difference, so could have saved that.

Seems yours is from the late s. Dalat's comment that it 'of course can't compare with any modern binocular' is perhaps too sweeping, although I 'get the drift'; some of the s stuff, despite not having multi-coating, can be surprisingly good optically and sufficiently satisfying in use. Remember the likes of Leitz, Nikon and Zeiss were making superb camera lenses back in the Swingin' Sixties, the Zeiss Contarex lenses being legendary.

One thing's for sure: build quality of the old Dialyt is 'dialytful': just compare it with say a modern Conquest; they are both nice but, as dalat rightly says, the Dialyt is beautiful, elegant even, though not quite as svelte perhaps as the old Leitz Trinovids. The Dialyt is fairly well sealed against moisture but I'd advise judicious use of a 'damp cloth'. As to the rubber eye-cups, you may be able to obtain replacements from Zeiss worth a try.It has got an imperial eagle.

The model 8 x 60 Porro II was produced in several versions since, approximately This model was mainly designed for the Navy for search and following aircraft at night.

The binocular was built up, by Carl Zeiss Jena, after as the shape of the eagle indicates. It is very heavy binocular. The weight is — 7. Read more on the article. Because of its heavy weight, it is no suitable for use in the hand only on a tripod. It was used in particular, for directional devices for the nightly aircraft defenses, for example, in cooperation with listening devices detect an air target and then provide as a guide for headlights, predictors, etc.

The binocular was produced in It was first type Porro II 8 x 60 model. It is visible that the coating was applied before as the early coating does not go completely to the edge of the objectives. The reticule has a cross in the center, and surrounding with a large circle. The binocular has a dovetail fitting to attach the lamp to illuminate the reticule, as the model described above. As an accessory to the binocular was a night lighting: lamp house with mechanical and lamp brightness control run on a cable from a battery box.

Serial Number Carl Zeiss Binoculars

The eyepiece on this binocular is of the first type; later deck mounted at 8 x 60 had two or three more types of eyepieces. The diameter of eye lens is - 22 mm. The exit pupil - 7,5 mm. Weight of the binocular - gram Production number - The binocular 7 x 50 H is a very rear model.

The binocular was used on ships, for aiming at signaling lamps from the other ships. The signal was given by the trigger switch at the pistol grip, on the lamp. The light source can be observed through an observation window at the back side of the lamp housing. The light beam is narrowly focused by an optical system. Read more on the Article. The binocular production history: The binoculars were made by Feinapparate Bau flm.

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