15112 cmu

After installing, re-rerun the "python3 --version" command to confirm your install and paths are set up correctly. If they are not, then go to CA Office Hours asap to get help! In many cases, you will have an icon you can click to run IDLE. It has some nice features that IDLE does not, such as line numbers which are a big deal, actuallyan character line very handyand so on. We highly suggest that you use it. To install IEP: Download and install IEP from here Launch IEP note that the first time you launch on a Mac you may have to use a control-click to Open and say "yes" that you approve launching this downloaded app Close the extra frames file browser, etconly use editor frame on top, where it is by default and shell frame which you should drag to the bottomso it mirrors IDLE's simple setup.

Select down-triangle from top-left of shell, and select "Edit Shell Configurations", then "add config" and add a Python3 configuration, then reorder it on the configuration tabs to be the first tab, then exit. You should not get 1 which you would get if you are using Python2 but instead should get 1.

Run Sublime In addition to IDLE which you should have installed and available as a fallback, but not use in generaland IEP which you should use in generalwe recommend that you also install Sublime, though we do not require this. IEP is a great tool for novices learning to code. Sublime is not that. It is a popular editor among more advanced students and many software professionals. It is not Python-specific, though, and by default it is just an editor and not an IDE, so there is a more complicated setup procedure to make Sublime act like a Python IDE.

Download and follow the steps in python-with-ui-options. That is, you can use whatever editor you prefer, including Komodo Edit, or PyCharm, or Wing, or many others. Each is set up a bit differently, so get your CA to help you if needed.

Also, note that we disrecommend Eclipse for it's great for experts, but too complicated for novicesbut even that is your choice.

Edit your Python file In IEP or whatever editor you are usingyou need to open a Python file or create a new Python file, which then places you in the editing window. That is where you write your code. Be sure to save your code in a file ending in. Run your code Each IDE has its own way to run code. In Sublime, if you followed our instructions above, it is command-b on Macs and control-b on Windows.

Either way, this loads and runs your code in the Python Shell the interpreter that runs Python code, instead of editing it. Division by zero! Python output: ZeroDivisionError: integer division or modulo by zero.Course Relevance who should take this course? However, the course is fairly rigorous so may be a better option for those seeking a gentler introduction to computer science.

This is an intro level course in Python and computer science practices and topics for students with little to no computing background.

15-112 Fundamentals of Programming & Computer Science

Some backround in mathematics is helpful. Skip to main content. Produce clear, robust, and efficient code in Python exploiting top-down design and extensive function-level testing. Use OOP and recursion where appropriate. Describe the difference between programming and Computer Science, and gain exposure to some of the Big Ideas of Computer Science e.

Analyze the efficiency of algorithms. Design and implement event-based graphical animations. Develop and write a substantial line program in Python for a term project.

CMU 15112 Term Project: DETECT_OR (by. Kangwoo Choo)

Key Topics:. Background Knowledge:. Assessment Structure:. Develop computational problem-solving skills using Python. Learning Resources:. Pre-reqs, Cross list, Related:. Piazza Autolab A plethora of mostly free optional textbooks and online readings for Python are linked to on the course website.

Department Website:. College Website:. Updated November Back to Course Profile List.Courses such as independent studies, internships, etc. IMPORTANT : In order to make sure the number of "unavailable syllabi" is not inaccurately inflated, you will want to move courses that are internships, independent studies, and the like to the "Individualized Experiences" section.

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15112 cmu

This archive is made available for general informational purposes to the CMU community. Syllabi presented here should not be considered as a representative for future course offerings. Instructors: See also how you can upload your syllabus to the Syllabus Registry It allows you and your students to record and share the pronunciation of your names.

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See this shared Google spreadsheet for the list of discipline-specific resources. Syllabus Registry The syllabi linked in this Registry have been collected to provide a snapshot of current and past course offerings' syllabi.This includes: Python version 3. We may also use Brythonwhich is a version of Python that runs in web browsers. We will also use one or more free IDE's code editors and other free software packages.

Course Requirements: Participation in this course is required and consists of the following activities: Attending and participating in all the lectures, recitations, and labs. Reading the printed and online notes and other assigned readings. Carrying out all the homework assignments and the term project with earnest effort.

Taking all the quizzes, midterms, and final. Attendance is required if not always strictly recorded. Repeated failure to attend lectures or recitations may result in a lowered semester grade regardless of your numeric average. You will be responsible for all materials presented in lectures and recitations. You should not expect that all lecture or recitation materials will be given to you in written form including the online class notes we provide. Note that missed quizzes and tests may not be made up in general though certain exceptions are permitted -- see the relevant sections below.

Any material covered in lecture, in recitation, in assigned readings, or in homework assignments may be included in any future homework assignment, quiz, or test. Students do not sign up for AMG. Unlike the Standard Grade, effort is heavily factored into your AMG score, and in fact you cannot qualify for AMG unless you put forth sustained effort as judged by the course faculty on every homework, quiz, and exam.

Note that any cheating violation would typically result in an effort score of 0, and so disqualify students from AMG consideration. In any case, if your effort-adjusted AMG score is 70 or higher, you qualify for a C as your semester grade.

Once again, the highest grade possible via AMG is a C. Starting from first principles, we will cover a large subset of the Python programming language, including its standard libraries and programming paradigms.

15112 cmu

We will also target numerous deployment scenarios, including standalone programs, shell scripts, and web-based applications. This course assumes no prior programming experience.

Even so, it is a fast-paced and rigorous preparation for Students can post questions and collaborate to edit responses to these questions. Instructors can also answer questions, endorse student answers, and edit or delete any posted content.

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15112 cmu

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15112 cmu

Submit Email.Join him tomorrow at 3pm ET as he answers questions about why he applied to the Ivies. From community college to online programs. Check out our directory of virtual campus tours we know about right now. Check out our exclusive directory of extended deadlines we know about right now. MCG1 30 replies 3 threads Junior Member.

May in Carnegie Mellon University. My son will be freshman in the fall and I have heard rumors that can be quite taxing.

I heard is more programming which he would like, and is more introduction to computer science and programming at a faster pace. He is planning to take a heavy loas as it is. If he will not major or minor in computer science does it matter which one he takes? How hard is ? May Replies to: or Computer class for Freshman? I would totally recommend taking overDavid Kosbie is one of CMU's most beloved professors and taking a class with him was one of the most rewarding experiences of freshman year for me.

Honestly though, your son can sign up initially for and if he finds it too difficult one or two lectures in, he can always switch to Hi Keysmash, Could you describe what you mean by "hard but manageable".

I have heard most students who take the class drown. LiquidBunn 69 replies 10 threads Junior Member. Kosbie is known to be really tough, but he rewards hard work. I wouldn't recommend taking with a lot of other classes because it normally ends up taking your whole weekend to do programming assignments, and later on in the semester when term projects are assigned it becomes nonstop I took AP computer science in high school and received the credit for andbut decided to take both just because I heard they were great classes to take, and ended up really strengthening my foundations in CS.

If your son is not interested in going further into computer science, then I would recommend taking Thank you Liguid Bunn. I'll make sure to let my son know what his options are as he is majoring in Math. However, he is thinking about taking Concepts of Math and Matrices in the Fall so taking might be too much for his first semester.

He has not epxressed any interst yet in minoring in CS but who knows. He can always take the next semester. Keepyourshirton replies 1 threads Junior Member. Generally speaking is the kind of introductory CS course for people who are not keen on exploring a CS career further.

Actually you don't need to take it since you have AP CS; you can just get units straight away if you got a 4 or 5 on the AP. It is taught by a former Microsoft Project Manager and uses Python. It's quite intense, the professor quite awesome and Python quite useful as a tool for mathematical operations and statistical analysis. Though the workload is notorious.

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